Lawn Care tips from The Priory, Wareham

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Priory Lawn Care Tips straight from our Gardeners….

5 March 2020



There is a lot that can be done now to prepare for Spring and Summer, our knowledgeable gardener Martin, shares his lawn care advice below:


Mower Care

Now is a good time of year to make sure mowers work, are serviced and blades sharpened to give a good clean cut and prevent disease. Much better to get them checked over now before the mower is needed in anger. You do not want to find it doesn’t work and you are at the end of the queue as everyone else has found the same and have hastily taken their mowers to be repaired!

Storm aftercare

After all the strong winds make sure wet leaves are raked off lawns. This will stop the grass dying underneath and prevent disease.

New beginnings

With longer daylight hours and mild temperatures the grass is starting to grow. Now is a good time to give your lawn a gentle cut if dry conditions allow. Ensure the mower is set high to ensure the lawn is not stressed. You are just looking to top the lawn and tidy things up to keep the lawn at a manageable height.

Do not walk on the grass

During any frost or waterlogged conditions try to stay off the lawn. Walking on a frosty lawn causes the grass to bruise and will take longer to recover.

Moss control

After this winter’s continual rain moss can be a problem. If conditions are dry, now is a good time to apply a moss control product such as iron sulphate. As this contains no nitrogen it will not affect the grass but will help to kill the moss. Iron is also good for hardening the grass and after turning the lawn a very dark or blackish colour for a short time, it will soon give the lawn a lovely even green look. Once the moss is dead the moss can be raked out vigorously with a spring tine rake.

That’s it for now, we will follow up as the seasons move on with more advice and tips in the garden. If you want to ask our gardeners any questions, drop us a question via Instagram or Facebook, we would be happy to help!